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Carn to Cove


Carn to Cove is Cornwall’s performing arts scheme for rural communities. We fill our wonderfully varied community halls with poetry, laughter, music, drama, stories and dancing.  Local people choose the live shows they want to see and hear in their halls. This means we have loads of variety for everyone across Cornwall.

No venue is too small, no location too remote. The beauty of Carn to Cove is that it gives smaller communities the opportunity to set their sights high. It makes high quality performance affordable by subsidising artist’s fees, and brings the arts straight to the heart of the community, usually within walking distance of peoples’ homes.

Some of these shows are charity fundraisers, giving communities the chance to earn some money for themselves to put towards local projects. Local people can choose the type of performance they want see and hear in their halls, whether it’s theatre, poetry, comedy, dance, storytelling or music, and they get to play an active role its promotion. Thanks to Carn to Cove, big shows visit small venues, and all this helps to make our communities stronger and happier.



Carn to Cove, Krowji, West Park, Redruth, TR15 3AJ
01209 312500 |