Creative Kernow

Our Programmes


Creative Kernow delivers support through programmes which have potential to touch everyone’s lives.


We offer affordable managed workspace, a creative hub, skills and business development, and a rural touring scheme.


We invest in creative projects which bring together professional artists and our communities, help the culture and tourism sectors to work more closely together, support young people with entering the creative workforce, embark on international partnerships, and much more.


Our programmes fall into three dynamically overlapping areas: Creative Communities, Creative Economy Support and Creative Hub Development.





Carn to Cove

Carn to Cove is Cornwall’s performing arts scheme for rural communities. As a pioneering charity which started in 2001, the scheme fills community spaces and venues across Cornwall with poetry, laughter, music, drama, stories and dancing, with input from local village communities choosing what they would like to see and hear performed.


C Fylm

C Fylm is run in partnership with Carn to Cove, and is a network of community film clubs, providing rural communities with the chance to watch great films in their own village or town. C Fylm also hosts special film screening events and film festivals through the year.



FEAST is Creative Kernow’s grants funding programme for art projects across Cornwall. FEAST invests in community and artist-led projects and events that break new ground and engage new audiences. FEAST aims to encourage ideas, skills and resource-sharing and legacy for local communities, and looks for opportunities to build partnerships with organisations that are working for social, environmental or economic change.


Arts Lab

Arts Lab is a creative wellbeing programme for young people aged 10-16. It connects artists with groups of young people in schools and youth centres around Cornwall based on young people’s creative interests and artists’ expertise. It is run by a partnership of FEAST, Arts Well and Headstart Kernow, and is currently funded by Public Health Cornwall.


Cornwall 365 What’s On

Cornwall 365 What’s On is the comprehensive events listing website platform and printed magazine for Cornwall which works in partnership with Cornwall 365 Network.



Flamm is a pilot visual art-led event that brings internationally and nationally important work to Cornwall, enables ambitious new work by locally-based artists and engages communities and visitors in its multi-layered programme.


Extraordinary Art in Everyday Places

Extraordinary Art in Everyday Places will invigorate the wealth of grassroots and community festivals by supporting local organisers to programme local, national, and international events in dispersed communities over the next two years.




Screen Cornwall

Screen Cornwall is a screen agency which drives the development of the screen industries in Cornwall and the Isles of Scilly through working with incoming film and TV productions, businesses, and individual freelancers to build a strong and thriving production sector. Screen Cornwall also engages in local talent development.


Cornwall 365 Network

Cornwall 365 Network is a creative consultancy which promotes Cornwall as a year-round, sustainable cultural destination. Cornwall 365 works with cultural ambassadors, creates marketing campaigns, delivers events and ongoing training workshops and works on strategic levels to ensure that the Cornish economy benefits from the tourism and cultural sectors.






Krowji is Cornwall’s largest creative hub and home to Creative Kernow’s offices. Based at the former and repurposed Old Grammar School in Redruth, Krowji provide studios, workspaces, meeting rooms, a café and other services for a diverse range of tenants comprising of creative businesses and artists.