Creative Kernow


1. To collide with a loud noise
2.a. To meet in conflict: b. To be in opposition or disagreement
3. To create a distinctive visual impression when placed together

CLASH is Cornwall’s climate and sustainability hive hosted by Cultivator.

Together we are building a collective creative sector mindset to address the climate emergency and support businesses in growing a circular economy. 

This won’t be easy.  We will undoubtedly disagree on the detail.  CLASH will provide the space and inspiration for debate and will amplify voices seeking change.

Cultivator has been providing the resources to nurture CLASH in its early stages, hosting a series of events, skills development workshops, campaigns and discussions to respond to the needs and interests of the sector. We also welcome CLASH takeovers by groups and organisations. Our aim is for CLASH to become a movement that ensures climate emergency and sustainability issues are at the forefront of debate and creative sector development in Cornwall.

To propose a networking or skills session or get signposted to other sustainable business resources for creative and cultural organisations, please get in touch.