Creative Kernow


Our Mission, Vision, and Values

Creative Kernow is a nationally significant centre for the creative arts and industries.
Through established and experimental programmes, we support the development of creative communities and businesses in Cornwall and through national and global partnerships.  Our core programme areas (communities, economy and skills, and hub development) flex and adapt to new challenges and opportunities. 


We are working to define and embed our set of values across the whole organisation and in the way we work with partners, stakeholders and beneficiaries.
To enrich and energise creative communities through the production, distribution and promotion of artistic work.


Sustainability, inclusion, and data-driven impact will be undeniable in our work whilst creative technology and media will support our programmes in reaching the widest possible audiences.
Krowji will develop new facets as a leading creative hub. It will become a destination for professional practice and informal learning with an annual programme of residencies, research projects, networking, showcasing, and retail events.  Specialist facilities will be available to support our core programmes and for incubating new ideas.  Our experience in creating the conditions for creative communities to thrive will be shared and sought out.
Our specialisms in media, culture-led placemaking, and network development will contribute to regional and national strategy development.
We will be known for:
  • Managing and growing open networks for creative people at all stages of their careers and life journeys
  • Providing high quality cultural experiences for every community in Cornwall
  • Being successful entrepreneurs and generous investors
  • Championing social, environmental and economic sustainability
  • Researching and demonstrating the intrinsic and instrumental value of creativity
  • Being distinctively Cornish, shaped by our experiences working in a rural creative region but with wide ranging national and international connections for sharing
  • Making space for emerging talent and tailored pathways for groups and individuals who need more support to access the arts and creative professions and networks.





We respect people, place and planet.  We are ethical in our decision making and are committed to making a positive social, economic and environmental impact.
We understand the needs of the individuals, businesses and communities we work with because we are a creative team. We embrace the messy, iterative, experimental nature of creating work and being innovative.
Together we are creating an inclusive organisation culture that values diversity through how we treat each other and how we interact with every community and individual we work with and support.
We aspire to reflect the communities we support in our workforce, governance, programmes, planning and thinking.  We make space to engage with people from all socioeconomic backgrounds, abilities, ethnicities, genders, sexual orientations, lived experiences, beliefs and geographies.
We do our work with care, to high standards and following method. We develop our knowledge and skills through active engagement and partnership with communities of place and practice and constantly review ways of working to give our collaborators voice.  Our rural context and limited resources do not hold us back from providing a comprehensive range of services and products.
We recognize the importance of nurturing the conditions for culture and creativity and being open to the unexpected outcomes which may evolve through our work.  We value work in progress.  We are greater than the sum of our parts.